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Frequently Asked Questions
Infographics are a tool used to graphically represent information. Since the 'cavemen' people have found ways to visually portrait their day to day reality, concerns and even thoughts or ideas. Today, infographics are just as appealing to the masses, with thousands being shared online every day. Infographics take complex information and data sets and make them easy to digest in a visually stimulating design. This allows viewers to quickly grasp the main points from the data, extremely important in our contemporary 30-second society. In a world with 'information overload' infographics is helping 'dull information' to become more engaging, easy to read and fun to share.
Infographics are used for multiple purposes: To present results, for brand building, on powerpoint presentations, resumes, to launch products, as a marketing piece and many more. Specially in the last years, infographics have become a huge boom for online marketing as 'likes and shares' have become the new marketing KPI´s. As consumers continue to feed on mass amounts of information delivered in micro formats, the need for infographics will continue to grow and their versatility will expand dramatically.
The ROI on infographics works the same as on any other marketing tool, it measures the return on the investment made. As infographics have grown massive in likeability, online marketers have added infographics as a must-have element of any successful content strategy. Not only do they provide fresh, unique content for websites, but, for a few bucks, they are also highly sharable and can often kickstart a good viral marketing campaign. An infographic success will be measured by social shares on sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn, etc.
Besides the success of infographics 'online', infographics are growing in success all over and this is way people are choosing infographics as a new way to communicate in order to achieve tangible results: Looking for funding? Needing to convince your boss to take a decision? having a board meeting? need to present a new product? Having a job interview? well! better tell your story with an infographic.
  • Effective information disseminating tool
  • It is attention-grabbing
  • It lessens boredom
  • It is memorable
  • Easy to share
  • Increases Brand Visibility
  • Enhances Traffic
  • Transmits Easily on the web
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Simplifies complex facts and make them easy to digest
  • Viral Marketing Tool
  • Increases backlinks. Highlt effective for SEO
  • Visuals are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text
We can help you turning your message into a clear and easy to understand infographic, developing a custom visual solution for your particular needs. Do you have something you would like to communicate? Let´s work together to create engagement on your visual piece.
  • We are probably the best quality-price agency or marketplace out there. From $399 you can get an amazing piece of work.
  • We are an agency with all the pros of an agency: Multi task team (designers, content managers, PM´s), well defined process of work, assignment of project manager, multilanguage, we are extremely professional, proven agency track record and 'mostly' we are an agency 'dedicated' to infographics. We even have a procurement department.
  • We are an agency without all the cons of an agency and even a marketplace: No need to choose a designer (your project manager will do this for you), no need to SET UP an account, no need to wait for weeks to see a first draft and no need to pay thousands of dollars on your infographic.
We are fast! your enquiry will be responded within a few hours after to brief us and your first DRAFT will be ready in 72hs (for simple projects) to 7 days (the most).
As many as you need within the reasonable
Not necessarily. We have a service of data research and copy to create all your text content.
ANYTHING. We´ve even turned a friend´s apartment into an infographic.
For infographic designs (w/ content which is already defined) we charge ALL $399: these have to be within the 250 words and a 'letter size' page or similar. Infographics with more content or bigger in size may be a bit more expensive.

    Apart from the design, if you need:

  • 1. Your content to be written: +$100
  • 2. To publish your work on infographic spots/platforms: +$100
  • 3. To illustrate your work: +ask for a specific quote


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